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Ecchi in Mahoromatic?

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Mahoro's Profile


Actually, I'm not sure I'm the one to talk about myself...

Of course Mahoro, try it, I'll fill in the blanks after...

Well then, Axel-san, I will try.

My name is Mahoro Andou, I am 9 years old... err, no, 19! 19, yes, that's it... I come from Ebisu, Tokyo. I travelled a lot around the world because of my father's work, and...

Err, Mahoro... Everyone knows, I think.

Ha? Oh well...

Mahoro as a maid

Then, I am Mahoro, codenamed V1046-R, a combat android made by VESPER, a secret organization. I defended Earth before deciding on retiring as a maid for Suguru-san...

Of course, no one except Slash, my faithful companion and support mech, knows that I only have less than 400 days of energy left to live, after the end of that war. I never wanted to reveal it to Suguru-san, by fear that he might treat me differently. Somehow though, I'm sure he knows...

I am particularly gifted in battle and close combat, having been trained and conditionned for survival in a lot of hostiles environments, like 7000m-high mountains to climb, desert places to go through, erupting volcanos to climb too, 100% humidity zones, or even -50 C blizzards... Even though I've been disarmed in order to save up my life energy, I still have about 30% of my combat capabilities, including Slash, and Sylpheed, which I can call whenever I need for aerial mobility. Considering my weapons... Are you sure I can talk about it, Axel-san?

Yeah, yeah, go for it.

Well, I have a semi-auto 12.5mm-caliber gun, as well as a small secondary gun I can hide almost anywhere...

O_o Anywhere?

Axel-san! Ecchi is wrong!

Oh yeah, sorry.

Mahoro in her combat suit

I also have a combat suit that allows me to move quickly and furtively if needed, along with hand grenades that I can detonate with a timer.

You're forgetting about something, aren't you?

That is right... I have a weapon, in my hand, that could not be taken off. I'd rather not use it, obviously. This weapon uses my own energy in order to function, and by using it, I shorten my own life span... Oh, it's going to be time to prepare dinner. Axel-san, will you go on without me?

Err, why not... After this brief introduction of Mahoro, and now that she went away, I can talk in more detail about her.

As a human, Mahoro seems quite perfect: gentle, fair, smart, physically and psychologically strong... Docile and submissive, some people might add... But this is not what's important. Besides the simple fact that Mahoro seems like a Belldandy (from Ah My Goddess) armed with a gun, she is also driven by a deep feeling of regret and guilt. This is not by mere chance that she will go to Suguru to take care of him, in order to somehow atone for her sins by her own conscience. She thinks that it's her fault if Suguru's father had to be sacrificied.

Mahoro in uniform

Let's talk abotu sacrifice. This is a notion that is often found in some anime characters, and unfortunately, are often led to a tragic end. For Mahoro, however, this is a bit contradictory I think. She "gives" herself to Suguru as a maid, but isn't it by pure selfishness, in order to satisfy her conscience, that she does this? Because of her limited life span, and thus of her already decided fate, Mahoro will eventually hurt Suguru even more when she'll disappear, by leaving a empty hole in his life. Personally, in Mahoro's place, I would have tried to help Suguru without being noticed, even less get myself in his life.

Apart from this, we can say that she never stopped thinking about Suguru in all circumstances, making her a guardian, a big sister, even maybe a mother, instead of a soulmate. A mother that would try to replace the one he lost. No need to be god to understand that from the first episode of the series... In other words, they both don't look like a classic "couple" you can see in other animes, even if many things can lead you to think that there might be a love/romantic bond between the two of them.

Actually, there is also the fact that Mahoro is to die, or rather stop in her case, so it is rather difficult to really understand the character without having lived the exact same situation...

On a more happy note, you should be aware that Mahoro... well, she hates anything ecchi. I guess you know about it already though. I wouldn't like to be in Suguru's place...

Mahoro is dubbed by the talented Ayako Kawasumi, who also did numerous other roles, often with the same kind of character, like Akari from To Heart, Aoi from Ai Yori Aoshi, Winya from Scrapped Princess, Ruriko from Gate Keepers, Mayuko from Niea_7, Koishi from Onegai Teacher, Miu from Piano, Megumi from RahXephon, or even Chikage from Sister Princess.

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