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Ecchi in Mahoromatic?

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The series


Mahoromatic, the series in which I am the heroin, was born from a manga by Ditama Bow and Nakayama Monjuro. GAINAX Studios then decided to turn the manga into an anime. With a character edsign by Takamura Kazuhiro and with Yamaga Hiroyuki as director (Wings of Honneamise), I admit that I like my anime version better, but that's just my opinion... The series is divided in two season of 12 then 14 episodes, which will be detailed later.

My story is the story of a combat android who, after the war, has to come to a choice: live the 38 days left she has to live as a soldier, or accept to let her be disarmed and able to live as a civilian for 398 days instead.

Obviously, I chose the second option and decides to become a maid for a young orphan called Suguru. After our introduction, the life with the two of us begins, and my past catches up with me along the way...

Mahoromatic is rather a fresh series with lots of GAINAX-humor, as some would say. In other words, you might like it or not. Even if I don't agree at all with some of the obscene references and the apparent nudity in some episodes, I had to play along. It's part of the humor, as they say.

Once you get over this little... ecchi problem, because ecchi is wrong, you'll realize that humor and good feelings are dominating here.

It is, after all, a series that wants to be fresh and light, without taking itself too seriously, even if a lot of serious elements will come change everything. Actually, each episode end will remind everyone how many days I have left to live, before my systems shut down...

I invite you to watch my adventures!

Mahoro Andou

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