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Ecchi in Mahoromatic?

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How can a kitchen not have a little calendar stuck on the wall? I checked here and there every time a major event happened! I hope I didn't make any mistakes...

(Webmaster note: This page shows the events from Mahoromatic season 1 and 2. Read this at your own risk, since there are a lot of spoilers in the following if you haven't seen the series entirely.)

  • My arrival at Suguru-san's house.
    I arrived at Suguru-san's place on a Sunday, 24 of June. The first contact was quite successful I must say, even if I had a lot of work to do! I then had 391 days before my systems shut down.

  • Discovery of his friends.
    I was able to meet Suguru-san's friends during the week, on Saturday 7th July. We celebrated Tanabata together. I still had 378 days left at that time.

  • My first visit to the public baths.
    Since Miyuki-san's family owns a public bath near our place, and since Shikijou-sensei made me break the heather, we had to go take a bath here instead of at home. It wasn't unpleasant, actually! The next day we went on the grave of Suguru-san's father, on which I prayed as well. It was on July 20th, a Friday, and I had only 365 days left to live.

  • A day at the beach.
    Suguru-san absolutely wanted me to come to the beach with his friends. At first I was quite reluctant. After all, the place of a maid like myself is in her kitchen! But he insisted so much... So, I prepared lunch boxes for everyone and I came anyways, even if Shikijou-sensei came with us... Anyways, we had a very good time, even if a robot-crab which apparently had some screws loose gave us some trouble in this bright day. It was on a Friday, 27th of July. And 358 days left.

  • Ghost hunting at school!
    Let's be clear about that, I absolutely do NOT believe in this kind of things... I just accompanied Suguru-san during this evening only to confirm that. FOr me, ghosts don't exist, that's all! Oh yeah, we were 2nd of August, a Thursday with 352 days left.

  • The summer festival.
    The summer festival was planned on Friday 17th of August. I was very much surprised when the Hiryuu festival director went directly to me to ask if I could do a long traditional dance during the festival! He seemed to want it very much, so I accepted. Suguru-san lent me his dead mother's yukata, and I trained day and night to give a good performance during this evening. Apparently everyone was pleased, and the fireworks were very beautiful. This is just so sad that Suguru-san suggested we come back next year... He didn't know of course, but... it still hurts. It hurts a lot. And there are only 327 days left on my systems. Not even a year...

  • An enemy's arrival.
    And I thought I could escape my past... Ryuuga, one of the only warrios from SAINT who is able to fight me evenly, comes back and absolutely wants to duel against me. But he isn't aware of my days counter, and that I am disarmed. On the calendar, we were 4th of September, Tuesday, and only 309 days left...

  • The duel is announced.
    That's what I thought: Ryuuga is here to fight me... If only he knew...! If only he knew I don't want to fight, that I have something else to cherish right now... He told me that during a little party Suguru-san prepared, on September 12th, a Wednesday. I only had 301 days left at that time...

  • A last favour.
    I admit I have been purely selfish that day by asking Suguru-sanon a date. But I don't regret anything, we had lots of fun even if Shikijou-sensei was sometimes around us... That evening, when Suguru-san went to bed, I changed into my combat suit and went to Ryuuga in a abandonned hospital near the city. On the other hand, I couldn't confess I could only fight at about 30% of my capabilities. He would have taken that as an insult. Slash also disobeyed me and brought Suguru-san on the battlefield. But when Ryuuga hit him... It was like a shock in my head. I couldn't forgive him. Not that, not Suguru-san. I don't remember well what happened after this, just that I drew back my... weapon, when Ryuuga withdrew his. I couldn't attack him while he was disarmed, could I? He forfeited, without me knowing exactly why, and I went back home with Suguru-san...

  • The new maid!
    This Thursday 27th of September needs to be marked quite red! on the calendar! Indeed, that day, I met and saved Minawa-chan. After having brought her back home, Suguru-san accepted to keep her with us. I will enternally be thankful to him for that... We called her Minawa Andou, and she'll be my little sister from now on! Unfortunately, there will only be 286 days left for me to take care of her.

  • Learning about life.
    After having thought about it, we decided that Minawa-chan would go to school with Suguru-san... But for me, it's impossible to leave her all alone right now, I was so so worried! Anyways, Minawa-chan seems to get used to her life, after a week. Ah, and I only have 279 days left on this Thursday 4th of October...

  • A sweet dream.
    Errr, actually, I'd rather keep silent about this... It's no one else's matter! And I'm so ashamed about it...!

  • The bomb.
    This Monday, 29th of October has been quite lively. Vesper contacted me about a possible highly explosive device buried near suguru-san's school, so I infiltrated it and investigated with Minawa-chan, Slash and Suguru-san... *sighs* Now only 254 days left...

  • Merry Christmas!
    I absolutely wanted for this Christmas to be the best of all and for all. I went to the United States to grab a turkey and to Europe to get a christmas tree! This was a nice evening, and Suguru-san even gave me a nice little present... And only 207 days left.

    (Note: At this point, GAINAX made a mistake and celebrated Christmas on December 15th.)
  • New year's party.
    Time flies so fast... But here is another chance to celebrate with Minawa-chan and Suguru-san. During four days we did a lot of very fun things! However, I won't be able to say "let's do it again next year", with only 190 days left.

    (Note: Again, the date at the end of the episode equals to January 1st, but the party lasted for 4 days.)
  • The Hiryuu Dark Age festival.
    He's worse than a kid! I made it clear to Suguru-san that he couldn't go that evening because of this festival of violence the city is doing, but he didn't listen to me! As a result I had to go too to search for him along with Minawa-chan... Really...! I should mark this 12 of January as a black day...! Or maybe not, I won't be there next year.

  • The grandpa's visit.
    I admit I've been surprised with Suguru's grand-father. I can't talk about it like this, it's really secret, but... Well, he's a real kid for his age! It was on Saturday 2nd of February and I only had 158 days left.

  • Valentine's day
    On this Fabruary 14th, as I only had 146 days, I more or less confessed to Suguru-san... But something kept me from doing it. It was so difficult to explain! I hope he didn't take it wrong or misunderstood...

(From this point on, the calendar hasn't been filled in with Mahoro...)

Mahoro Andou

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