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Picture Album

Portrait Here are all the pictures I get from time to time when I do some tidying up. I tried to put a little comment each time to keep a memory of it... I wanted to throw away some of them but Axel-san and Suguru-san begged me for not doing that! It's embarrassing but... All these pictures obviously belong to their respective owners, and have been taken from here and there... Of course, if someone shows me he is the author of a particular picture, I can move it to the drawing boards on the terrace with his agreement. If this is your case, you should talk to Axel-san about it..

211 pictures in this gallery.
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Picture Array{filename]
1600 x 960 - Size: 555 Kb
It seems Minawa-chan likes school much. I'm going to watch over her a little bit more!
Picture Array{filename]
1600 x 1131 - Size: 381 Kb
I've seen this somewhere before...
Picture Array{filename]
1600 x 967 - Size: 412 Kb
Minawa-chan, come help me push this viper away!
Picture Array{filename]
1390 x 1200 - Size: 287 Kb
I love cosplaying! We're looking just like sailors, right?
Picture Array{filename]
888 x 1200 - Size: 524 Kb
Be careful Minawa-chan, it's very cold outside!
Picture Array{filename]
1200 x 1200 - Size: 372 Kb
Those little characters looking like us are quite cute!
Picture Array{filename]
850 x 1200 - Size: 409 Kb
I love those summer festivals with all those fireworks to watch!
Picture Array{filename]
1070 x 1200 - Size: 303 Kb
You can see a part of this picture on one of the T-shirts with me on it!
Picture Array{filename]
1600 x 1011 - Size: 414 Kb
Which one of us got the best dress?
Picture Array{filename]
1600 x 997 - Size: 606 Kb
I really like having a little sister like Minawa-chan!
Picture Array{filename]
1600 x 1030 - Size: 332 Kb
Really, it could have been better without Shikijou-sensei!
Picture Array{filename]
1600 x 979 - Size: 501 Kb
Me and Minawa-chan doing a pose!
Picture Array{filename]
861 x 1200 - Size: 345 Kb
Oh no, my panties are visible!
Picture Array{filename]
849 x 1200 - Size: 266 Kb
Minawa-chan, the coffee!
Picture Array{filename]
807 x 1200 - Size: 363 Kb
Ah, this pool isn't big enough, too bad!

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