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Ecchi in Mahoromatic?

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The other characters

Portrait I will now introduce the other people I know and who are dear to me. Well, it also depends on the people... There is a certain woman with a big chest that I have trouble being around with, but well, nevermind...

What follows is not a very detailed description of everyone I know, but a quick introduction and what I think of them... If you are searching for nice pictures of all of them, don't hesitate to go to the photo-album in this room!

Thanks to the website AnimeNFO for all the informations about the voice actor and actresses.

The animals of the house.


Here is Slash, codenamed V1046-R9, my favourite combat panther! Also known as Fang, he helped me many times in combat as a support mecha. He is armed with big and sharp claws and fangs as well as other weapons. He is also very strong! But he is before all that a dear friend with who I can share the doubts that haunt my mind, and those I can't talk about with Suguru-san.

Guri is Suguru-san's small dog. I take care of him with much affection now! He has a small kennel in the garden. Slash also takes care of him a lot. Between animals they understand each other better! You can often see Guri on Slash's back, so I think they really get along very well. He's so cute...

Suguru-san's surroundings.

Miyuki Sakura - Voice: Yumi Kikuchi

She is the daughter of the public bath's owner in Hiryuu. Miyuki-san is also very nice and helpful. Her, along with Rin-san and Chizuko-san know Suguru-san since a long time ago, more than I do... But I won't let them keep their advantage...! Oh, what am i saying here...
Miyuki-san looks a bit like a tomboy among her sisters, but it's because she's the oldest, I guess. I also know that her father likes Suguru-san a lot!
Miyuki Sakura
Rin Todokiri - Voice: Manabi Mizuno (Usagi in Gokudou-kun Manyuuki, Mimori in Saint Luminous Girls High School)

Rin-san is from a rich family, and she is, like Miyuki-san, a childhood friend of Suguru-san. Erm, she has the biggest chest of all three female friends of Suguru-san, but it doesn't keep her from being well-mannered when she's at our place. (Oh, but why am I talking about this?) She also seems to disapprove of ecchi things, like me! So it's another reason why we can be good friends together...
Chizuko Oe - Voice: Asami Sanada (Dejiko in DiGi Charat, Magical Domiko in Nanaka 6/17)

Chizuko-san, also called "Chizu" by her friends, often comes at home to eat my meals. Why? Well, I don't exactly know, but she seems to like my cooking quite a lot! She always seems to find out where I bought my ingredients, and surprising her in cooking has become one of my hardest challenges! The scream she does when she tastes my food can scare at first, but you get used to it rather quickly. I think she is the principal source of ecchi magazines for Suguru-san, but I still have doubts about her guilt... What embarasses me, actually, is that her father is a ecchi movie producer. It makes her a good suspect, doesn't it?
Toshiya Hamaguchi - Voice: Hideki Ogiwara (Kyuu in Weiss Kreuz)

Here is a very helpful young boy. I think he is very obliging, especially towards Minawa-chan... Actually, I'm persuaded that he likes her a lot. But I can't blame him, Minawa-chan is so cute...! Well, I hope he will know how to treat her like she deserves it. I will even make sure of it personnaly if it's needed! He also is one of Suguru-san's friends.
Kiyomi Kawahara - Voice: Atsushi Kisaichi (Yuusuke in Green Green)

Kawahara-asn is practicing kendo and seems quite gifted. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fight him during the Hiryuu's Dark Age festival... He is a strong boy and seems reasonable. He is often with Hamaguchi-san and Suguru-san. From what I understood, all of them know each other since kindergarten...
Saori Shikijou - Voice: Yumi Takada (Aeka in Tenchi Muyo's OVAs, Akiko in Princess Miyu's OVAs)

*sighs* Well, I must talk about her too, I guess. It would be unfair to leave her aside... Shikijou-sensei is the homeroom teacher of Suguru-san, and if there is one thing that I must say, it's that she has a good way to make me angry...! She never stops boasting about her chest, and taunt me about mine which's... more modest. Ah, really...! And she never stops hanging around Suguru-san and trying to seduce him...! Oh and she always smells alcohol too! I'll scream it loudly: she only has flaws!

People from my former life

Ryuuga To - Voice: Takehito Koyasu(Shigeru in Evangelion, Rezo in Slayers, Touga in Utena, Zechs in Gundam Wing, IlPalazzo in Excel Saga, Jubei in Get Backers)

Ryuuga is one of my most ferocious ennemies. He is from SAINT against which I fought in order to save earth years ago. He is a powerful warrior, against whom I can show all my potential, but his warrior spirit is so strong that it obsesses him, to a point I have trouble imagining. He arrives in my new life under the fake identity of a teacher at Suguru-san's school. I hope he won't do anything harmful to him, and that he won't try to use him against me...
Professor Hokaze

Professor Hokaze is a bit like a father to me. He is the one I saw first when I opened my eyes, and then the one who took care of me as a father and medically. I owe him a lot, and I hope that I will be able to repay him one day. He is very worried about me and what surrounds me, and it's up to him to make decisions about me among Vesper...
Hayato Daimon - Voice: Unshou Ishizuka (Berserk's narrator, Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop) and vice-commandant Gunji.

Here is Vesper's commander, Hayato Daimon, and his vice-commander Gunji. I learnt a lto thanks to them, and also on cinematographic's culture. especially with "The Chameleon man"! I love this movie, I could watch it over and over three times a day! But I already have enough things to do as it is with everyday's chores...
Commandant Daimon Vice-commandant Gunji

There are also a lot of other people I could talk about, but I'm afraid their existence must be kept a secret for now...

Mahoro Andou

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